How to Quickly Find Event Images

Many images have been embedded with keywords which allow them to be quickly found using the website's built in search function. The search feature can be accessed by clicking the previous link or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the page.


What are keywords?

Keywords are descriptive bits of text embedded into a file's metadata that make it easy to identify, classify, sort, and find files efficiently. Common examples of keywords used in photographs are the shoot location, the type of subject, and model name.

Keyword Strategy for Cycling Events


Event Name

Each event will be given a unique name. All images from that event will be tagged with the event name as a keyword. The event name will be listed on the main gallery page.

Example (Palos Meltdown 2012): Palos Meltdown 2012

Event Category

If the event is divided into multiple categories, the names of these categories will be added to the respective image files.
Examples: novice, sport, expert, cat 1, cat 2, cat 3

Example (Sport): Palos Meltdown 2012 Sport
Example (Cat 2): Palos Meltdown 2012 Cat. 2

Bib Number

This number is the key to quickly finding a particular participant in the event. A search string of the event name and bib number is usually all that is needed to find a participant. Searching for only the bib number may bring up results from previous unrelated events.

Example (#500): Palos Meltdown 2012 500


An image will be classified with the "unknown" keyword if the bib number is unreadable. Sometimes multiple images of a participant will exist but the bib number will only be visible in one of them. In this situation the images with no visible bib number will be given the unknown keyword. It is very time consuming to cross reference images to find the proper bib numbers. It is not always practical to do this with large sets of images. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the images tagged with "unknown" just to make sure some have not been overlooked.

Example: Palos Meltdown 2012 unknown


If the bib number is not visible in the photo, the image will be tagged with additional information in order to identify it. Examples of such information include: bike frame color, bike manufacturer, bike model name, or the club/team affiliation as shown on the rider's jersey.

Example (Bike Color/Manufacture): Palos Meltdown 2012 Red Trek
Example (Club Affiliation): Palos Meltdown 2012 Half Acre

Standard Colors

Below is the standard list of color keywords used.

Spectrum Metals Other