Description of the Standard Digital File Sizes Offered

Digital images make it easy to share photos with family and friends and can be used to create customized prints, mementos, as computer display wallpapers, and even books.

We offer an assortment of digital files that will suit most needs.  All images are provided as high quality JPG files with no watermarking and royalty-free personal usage rights.  If you require an image for commercial use, please contact us for licensing information.  The graphic below shows a comparison of the various sizes available.




Size Recommendation by Usage


File Size / Use Online Use

Small Prints
(up to 4x6)

Medium Prints
(up to 8x10)
Large Prints
( over 8x10)
Small Yes No No No
Medium Yes Yes No No
Large Yes Yes Yes Up to 8x12
X-Large Not Recommended Yes Yes Up to 12x18



Description of Sizes

Profile Photo (250 x 250 px)

This option makes it easy to spice up your social networking or web forum avatar.  The square format ensures compatibility with the most popular social networking sites (facebook, google+, twitter, myspace) and web forums.  To obtain this product, choose a photo, select the "Profile Photo" product option in the "Featured Products" table, and select the "Configure and Preview" option within the Confirmation window.  You will then be able to fine tune the location and cropping of the desired profile photo.

Small (600 x 900 px | 0.5 Megapixels)

This size is ideal for online use where you want to show your audience a more detailed view.  Making prints with this file is not recommended.

Medium (853 x 1280 px | 1.1 Megapixels)

At this size, the image can be used on many computer displays as a wallpaper. High quality wallet sized (2x3) and 4x6 prints can be created with this option.

Large (1733 x 2600 px | 4.5 Megapixels)

This size lets viewers get up close and personal with the image when used online.  High quality 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 prints can be made with this file.

X-Large (4000 x 2667 px | 10.7 Megapixels)

At +3MB, this file is probably too large to share on the web in most circumstances unless downsized. This size does allow creating high quality prints up to 12x18 or doing some serious pixel peeping on the latest high resolution displays.