Hanson | Photo · Design - Portrait

Hanson | Photo · Design is the combined effort of two brothers who share a passion for photography and graphic design. The duo primarily operates within the Iowa/Illinois Quad Cities area. This website is the evolution of the now defunct jordanhansonphotography.com (2010-2011) and was relaunched in April 2012. The website serves as a gallery of past and future projects and a platform to distribute photography and design related products and services.




Jordan and Drew share over 10 years of knowledge in the photographic arts. They have been known to dab in the disciplines of abstract, action, event, journalism, landscape, still life, and severe weather photography. Also, chalk up over 7 years of experience covering small, medium, and large events. They embrace a fully digital workflow and exclusively shoot high resolution RAW images for maximum color and detail reproduction. The combination of professional gear, advanced editing techniques, and extensive experience guarantees outstanding images with a distinctive style.

Graphic Design

Drew’s six years of design experience encompasses projects such as fully custom cycling jerseys/kits, event posters, maps, business cards, logos, and web graphics. His designs are inspired by elements from nature, technology, and the abstract. High impact compositions are forged from a mixture of typography, color, and form. Proficiency with the latest 3D modeling and vector graphics software means technical and demanding projects can be tackled with ease.


In 2011, Jordan received two division 1 awards (1st and 3rd place) from the Illinois Community College Journalism Association (ICCJA) in the field of photojournalism for his work with Black Hawk College's The Chieftain newspaper.
Both brothers have also had photographs featured in local publications such as: The Radish and Art Fusion – The Art Collective


They both enjoy cycling, on and off-road, and have been known to compete in races or ride 100 miles just for fun. You can also find them outdoors, traveling to beautiful and unique places, learning, or creating. They are also actively involved with the QC Friends of Off-Road Cycling (FORC) which is devoted to developing and maintaining multiuse trail systems and promoting off-road cycling in the Quad Cities area.