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Created 23-Aug-12
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Photos documenting the disassembly process and repair of a failed shutter unit in a Canon 550D/T2i.
err 20 Shooting is not possible due to an error.err 20 Shooting is not possible due to an errorShutter Box AssemblyShutter Box AssemblyRemoving Back CaseRemoving Back CaseTripod Mounting Bracket and Underside ViewFront and Back Case RemovedCloseup: LCD and Rear Case PanelUpper Case Assembly RemovedFull Monty: All Case Pieces RemovedFront PCB OverviewShutter Assembly CloseupFlash CapacitorCloseup of the Installed Rear PCBShutter Control Ribbon Cable (Far Left)Tripod Bracket RemovedMain PCB RemovedMain PCB Closeup (LCD Facing Side)Main PCB Closeup (Lens Facing Side)

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